At the Gimnasio Los Farallones Valle del Lily, the admissions and enrollment process begins with the purchase of the registration folder, in this folder there are a number of forms to be filled out, other documents should be attached. With the complete folder with all the required information, the parent or guardian should bring the information to the school to start the interview stage.

  1. The Academic Secretary explains parents how the admissions and enrollment process takes place in the institution and answers all their questions.
  2. Acquire admission folder at the academic secretary’s office.

This folder contains the following documents:

  • Informative institution brochure
  • Registration Form 20R-AM09
  • Bank references Format 20R-AM10
  • Admission Format (to be completed during the interview with the student) 20R-AM08
  1. Fill out documents in the folder: Application form, Bank references format.
  2. Attach the following documents in the folder:
  • Completed grades certificates.
  • I.D. Photocopy from 7 years on.
  • Treasury Receipt from the previous institution, stating your financial good standing with them.
  • 3 pictures, white background, I.D. size.
  • Enlarged I.D. card photocopy of parent and / or guardian if any.
  • Doctors certificate
  • Photocopy of the Immunization card.
  • EPS card Photocopy (Health card)
  • Birth certifícate photocopy.
  • Last grade completed Report Card or the last two periods of the current grade.
  • Student’s Pedagogical Report from school of Origin.
  1. Submit the folder in the office of the academic secretary and receive the appointment for the interview and evaluation process.
  2. Attend the interview with the coordinator and / or principal, and the psychologist with parents or guardian. Present admission assessments in the basic areas.
  3. Obtain a written or verbal admission acceptance or denial to the institution.
  4. Start the process of enrollment after admission.
  5. Upon admission you will be given a receipt to legalize your financial tuition.
  6. Legalize financial registration in the treasury office with the receipt filled out from step 1.
  7. You will get a receipt stating your financial enrollment payment.


  • If the applicant enters high school, you must attach: final grades report card certificates in original, from fifth grade.
  • The financial registration can be done from the day you receive the payment format. It’s necessary to present this document for the academic enrollment.
  • Students who do not enroll in the specified dates, will have a 10% lateness charge fee in the financial enrollment and in case the payment is done in the bank without the academic enrollment on the due date, there will be a 5% charge fee on the enrollment.