Bilingual School Gimnasio Los Farallones Valle del Lily, has as its motto: “train young self and solidarity”, since it considers these two values ​​such as generators axes all the values ​​that are to be developed in the institution.

Autonomy: The ability to give itself rules. It is situated in the individual and requires being able to maintain a certain discipline. It is a basic foundation for moral behavior and responsible use of their own freedom.

From Autonomy values ​​emerge such as: identity, responsibility, honesty, respect, democracy and participation.

Solidarity is the respect, support leadership initiatives and inspiration to recognize the common good, taking into account the needs of the group and its environment.

In solidarity are integrated values ​​such as love, friendship, tolerance and understanding.

From this joint merger between two potential values ​​such as SOLIDARITY AUTONOMY and we are strengthening a set of human values ​​in an integrated manner will make every member of the community Farallones a worthy citizen and an excellent representative for our society Caleña.