Gimnasio Los Farallones Valle del Lily was founded by Dr Luis H.Perez, Alfonso Ocampo Londoño, Hugo Lora Camacho and Mrs Maria Luisa de Pérez and Mrs Janeth Samper de Sánchez in 1974, they did it in the old facilities of Colegio Universitario del Sagrado Corazón, which have been bought by the Community of Sacred Heart (Comunidad del Sagrado Corazón).

The campus is around 30.000 square meters and the total built surface is 9:000 square meters with large spaces for sports: swimming pool, basketball, soccer and volleyball. The first school year started with students in elementary section and from sixth to ninth grades in secondary, with around 80 students registrated.

The first board of directors was established with:

  • Dr. Luis H. Pérez
  • Dr. Alfonso Campo Londoño
  • Dr. Hugo Lora Camacho
  • Mrs. Maria Luisa de Pérez
  • Mrs. Janeth Samper de Sánchez

When Gimnasio Los Farallones started classes, it was with an open education system different to all the traditional education systems present at that moment. The open education system has been adapted according to all the new pedagogical methodologies and legal framework offered by the MEN (Ministerio de Educación Nacional).

Gimnasio Farallones has been consolidated as one of the best Educational Institution options according to the positioning of all the graduates in different areas of knowledge.