Gimnasio Los Farallones Valle del Lily forms students with ethical, moral and religious values, with autonomy and solidarity, capable of being critical to transform society, students with responsibility and skills to make the right choices, and to be leaders, with a sense of internationalization to respond to modern society demands.


Gimnasio Los Farallones Valle del Lily will consolidate as one of the best bilingual education options for the Cali community by the year 2018, offering preschool, elementary and secondary levels of Colombian education. It is an institution interested in forming women and men, autonomous, supportive, with a high academic quality, with a vision of future to continue with their professional education, students with the capacity of contributing to improve the quality of personal, familiar and social life.


Gimnasio Los Farallones Valle del Lily’s slogan is “Formar Jóvenes Autónomos y Solidarios”, “Educating autonomous and supportive young people” because these 2 values group all the other values that the school is focused on.

Autonomy: is the capacity to be governed only by its own principles and laws. Autonomy is related to self-discipline individual condition; it is required for moral behavior and responsible use of liberty.
From autonomy, we can cultivate values such us: identity, responsibility, honesty, respect, democracy and participation.

Solidarity: it’s respect and support to any initiative of leadership and to the inspiration of acknowledging common good, identifying the group’s necessities.

There are some other values related to solidarity: love, friendship, tolerance and understanding.
By integrating Solidarity and Autonomy, we can strengthen a group of values to promote with the students a better coexistence.