Gimnasio Los Farallones Valle del Lily is one of the best schools to form children and teenagers, to stimulate their skills, competences and values to assure them a successful, and happy future, to achieve all of this, we offer:

  • Quality Accreditation: Quality is our main goal
  • Pedagogical Project: Cross curricular areas enrich all the competences evaluated by Colombias
  • Tests: Pruebas Saber
  • Psychology: Learning difficulties are detected and treated and kids can have
    a better personal and academic performance.
  • Universidad Autónoma Agreement: with this strategic alliance we can offer more opportunities.
  • Communication and Information Technologies: up-to-the-minute technology is one of our main interest.
  • Artistic Talent: we provide a program oriented to discover sensibility and artistic talent.
  • Sports Spirit: sports are a very important aspect in students’ learning and growth, through different sports disciplines, kids can use their free time in an appropriate way.